What the fans are saying
“Jeff was awesome as always! People were taking pictures and videos of him, especially when he played behind his head.”
“He’s the best guitarist I have ever heard.” -103FM Newcastle
“Jeff Stanley navigates a guitar neck with uncommon fearlessness. He has the ability to play outside of his comfort zone without letting on to his audience that he is in uncharted territory. He can follow his own improvisations up a blind alley and then escape without damage. He regularly strays from those portions of the guitar neck that he knows best and trusts his instincts and musical ear to guide him through the wilderness.”
“Stanley is like a cat: He always lands on his feet.”   -Medford Mail Tribune
“He blurs the lines between rock, jazz, bluegrass, funk, and folk. He also blurs the lines between sane and insane, between black and white – in fact we hope you can keep up with his high energy show – he’ll blur the line between your eyes and your ears and your mind.” -Newdawn Productions
“Pure magic baby!”
“Jeff has the uncanny ability to intertwine touching sentiment with outrageous wit in a lightening fast delivery. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.” -Jason Mannel (Producer)
“Give me a minute to regroup!”
“Duuuude. Rock n’ Roll!!!”
“Groovy facials!”
“You truly are so talented!”
“Quirky, wicked, engrossing!”
“This guy is my favorite (acoustic) player and he gives hope to me cause he makes me very happy.” - And1slash, You Tube
What the fans are saying
“Stanley’s solo, acoustic work is as exciting to watch as the electrified music he plays with his full band. He has a great penchant for abandoning chords to play acrobatic guitar solos that leave audiences breathless, waiting to hear how the solo will resolve itself back into the main body of the song.”
What the fans are saying
“One of my favourite musicians... you know at first he’s kind of a little quiet, a little shyed back but then once you get in and get to know Jeff he’s a really big kid at heart – love that guy – one hell of a guitar player, that guy can slay some acoustic guitar!” – Low O Radio
“Jeff is there anything that you can’t do on a guitar?” - Ben Martin
“Jeff, we love your songs and your humor, but hearing you and your guitar together is beyond moving, indescribable.” - Fan
“Jeff Stanley is an inspiration and phenomenal talent!!!” - Pam McCormick